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Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display

Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display
SGD 112.90
The official 7 inch touchscreen display for Raspberry Pi (800×480 RGB screen, 24-bit colour and 10-point capacitive touch) turns it into a touch screen tablet.

The 800 x 480 display connects via an adapter board which handles power and signal conversion. Only two connections to the Pi are required; power from the Pi’s GPIO port and a ribbon cable that connects to the DSI port present on all Raspberry Pi’s.

  • 7” Touchscreen Display
  • Screen Dimensions: 194mm x 110mm x 20mm (including standoffs)
  • Viewable screen size: 155mm x 86mm
  • Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels 60fps
  • 24-bit colour
  • Industrial quality, 140 degree viewing angle horizontal, 130 degree vertical
  • FT5406 10 point capacitive multi-touch touchscreen
  • PWM backlight control and power control over I2C interface
  • Connects to the Raspberry Pi board using a ribbon cable connected to the DSI port
  • Adapter board is used to power the display and convert the parallel signals from the display to the serial (DSI) port on the Raspberry Pi
  • Metal framed back with mounting points for Raspberry Pi display adapter board and Raspberry Pi

Please note:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (1GB of RAM), Raspberry Pi Model B+ (512MB of RAM) and Raspberry Pi Model A+ (256MB of RAM) sold separately.